Etheric Designs ,what's in the name?


Etheric Energy is a living web of light responsible with sustaining all structures in the universe and connecting the physical body to the higher planes of existence.

I chose the name Etheric Designs because I believe all we create in material form is first created in an energetic plane and since I know myself creating I always felt as if I am a hallow flute , a channel for these Etheric impulses or an interpreter of this energetic web which constantly interacts with and informs our subconscious mind.

I also believe our role as designers and artists is to materialize these etheric creations to help usher into our world the new energies and vibrations updating our collective consciousness and evolution.

After profound changes in my life and work I decided was time to dig deep into what was really meaningful , purposeful and of value for the times we live in and in 2005 I consecrated my studio into Etheric Designs.

It was just a natural transition from a Furniture and Interior Design Studio into the organic world of Biodynamic Gardening and Natural Building.

Following studies of Feng Shui, Interior Alignment, Geomancy , Biodynamic Farming and Reiki my creativity turned into a passion to create Sacred Space.

Through this website I am offering  few products : creations inspired by Nature , intended for conscious living , Reiki , Animal Reiki , some Feng Shui and Design Consulting services with emphasis on Creating Sacred Space.




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When The Dream becomes the Dreamer

My name is Cristina van Bladel

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and most of my adult life I have been creating beautiful furniture and interiors in the US.

In 1991 I came here fresh after graduating from "N.Grigorescu " Fine Art Institute with a BFA in Industrial and Product Design. Furniture was my passion because I felt I could create immediate change into an environment. Later working in my studio on custom pieces I realized I had an intimate relationship with the space in which the furniture went. So I started to explore different paths from Shamanism to Feng Shui, Earth Healing, Native American Spirituality, Sacred Geometry , Sound Healing , Energy Healing, Geomancy, Biodynamic Farming , Reiki and more.

In my quest I came to learn that every place has a creative energy waiting to be expressed and our meaning here on earth is to do so and create harmony and beauty around us because when we do we contribute to the collective awakening in the highest good of all.

Sacred Space became my Passion and purpose.

I have spent the last ten years rebuilding our home on the principles I have discovered and studied . Today I am 75% through the project and hope that by walking my talk I will inspire others to choose Natural Building Materials , Harmony with Nature and Beauty.

As the completion of my sanctuary nears , new possibilities are opening , new understandings and insights bring forth my purpose and embodiment of the totality of who I am on this earthly journey. We are multidimensional beings in a quantum universal field of creation. We can no longer align with purpose in a linear fashion. I have learned to embrace and accept all the gifts my soul has collected through all my timelines and earthly journeys for me so I can humbly be of service to the Earth , Humans , and All Sentient Beings . 

For the curious, in addition to my professional degree I proudly add these to my curriculum vitae :

Reiki Master of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System (2009)

The Way of the Shaman  with Michael Harner(2011)

Certificate of Completion for the one year -part time course in Biodynamic Gardening and Environmental Studies (2010)

Interior Alignment and Instinctive Feng Shui (2005)

BioGeometry Foundation Training (2014)

Shinpiden and Animal Reiki Teacher Training (2018)