The 13 Days of Christmas and the seeds

This post is mainly dedicated to those who expressed their curiosity and interest in the Biodynamic gesture of burying the seeds on Christmas eve.


"When the days become shorter, when the autumn and winter approach, the sun withdraws its forces more and more. In the same degree, however, in that the physical force of the sun is withdrawn, the spiritual force grows. And it is conferred on the earth most strongly when those days come when the shortest days arrive, and when the nights are longest." Rudolf Steiner – The Mysteries, December 25, 1907

According to Rudolf Steiner the cosmic forces do not influence the earth directly .They radiate from within the earth informing the mineral and plant kingdom .

"On the other hand, for a certain time before and after this period — and notably before it, when the minerals are, so to speak, just on the point of passing over into the crystalline element of form and shape — then they are of the greatest importance; they ray out the forces that are particularly important for plant-growth. Thus we may say, approximately in the month of November-December, there is a point of time when that which is under the surface of the Earth becomes especially effective for plant growth."

Lecture 2 Koberwitz  10th June 1924 / The Agriculture course/Rudolf Steiner

To understand this practice further I recommend reading about The Festivals and their Meaning

During December 24th and January 6 this cosmic force, the Cosmic Christ enters the earth and dispenses the new energies of the new solar cycle into all layers of our world.

The seed (microcosmos) is infused and informed of the new energetic patterns and later this energy is propagated through the plant into the animal kingdom.

Since we participate in this event by burying the seeds something magical hapends .We ourselves are being informed by this cosmic outpour  and we flow into greater understanding and harmony with nature finding our hearts and consciousness is expanding every year.


So you decided to practice this.

Choose a spot in your garden that is not prone to flooding and dig a hole big enough to fit a plastic bucket with lid . (I do this step in the fall so I am safe at Christmas if the ground is frozen.)

On the evening of the 24th gather your seeds and lovingly put them in a cardboard box. Wrap the box in few heavy duty plastic bags sealing them tightly.

Place the package in the bucket ,cover with the lid, cover the top with some burlap , some plastic and then soil and  wooden cover so everything can stay undisturbed for the next 13 days.

On January 6  before noon take the seeds out from the hole and  out of the plastic bags.(of course bring them back inside your home)

Your garden will be filled with love and harmony when you sow them.

Try and let me know.

In Winter's Embrace


In white and diamond studded garments Winter arrived living a trail of icy veils and rainbow shimmers across my gardens. img_0928

Just crossed the Solstice threshold and in a hurry to make my last Christmas ornaments I grabbed some cookie cutters and a tray with water.I felt torn between the need to slow down and the big list to do.


Breathing in and slowly out, the frigid air gives me a rush of anticipation. In a blink of an eye the ornaments are ready and the inner child is lost in wonder . Clear Ice , Crystal Like hanging on my Cherry Trees. And a wish in each so when the Sun will melt them all the Love will sip into the ground.



Few days later on the 24th I grabbed my bundle of seeds for next year's sowing and carefully buried them few feet under my dormant beds. In Biodynamic gardening we do so because until January 6 the Earth is most receptive to the new Solar and Cosmic energies . The seeds are being informed of a new energetic  blueprint .

I too trust myself into this process and i have learned to slide into dream time even when the modern life grabs me out into doing.

Join me and Dream of a world filled with Beauty, Peace, Joy and Compassion. Imagine rivers of clear , healing water and fields of opportunity to embrace cooperation rather than competition. Sow your life with good deeds and nurturing thoughts .Care for one another . Be present and deliberate. Weave your hearts and your actions into Love and cover the world with it.

With Gratitude

In Winter's embrace I wish you all to experience Happiness and Grace





Light Quest

All roads lead to Rome

And there are  so many.

No signs carved in bone

Just crumbs and sky notes, if any.

We enfold like blooming roses.

Pointing to the west;

even try a million poses

To map the Light Quest.

We follow Stars drawing in their trail,

build cairns of thought for future deeds

softly opening the till and hoping to unveil

our soul’s miracle seeds.

Dream turns into Dreamer

Exalting the I in Am .

Veils seem magically thinner.

Christ as  inner Hologram

appears in glowing shimmer.

Lead into Gold

became the lesson

and in my Garden’s hold

All else starts to lessen

Only the Cosmic Love is bold.

Fungi, Friendship and the Tree of Knowledge

When you immerse in Nature wholehearted synchronicity and miracles abound at every step. I also found that the law of resonance is functioning very well causing us to to be attracted to or attract people and circumstances which reflect where and what we are.

Ten years ago I made a friend with the same love for all surrounding and  the same passion to create Sacred Space as I.

Life meandered our lives intersecting lovingly at times and mirroring each others journeys . Ups and downs and more ups dissolved the physical distance and made us grow leaps and bounds .

When my orchard started to die I noticed mushrooms of all sorts invading the roots and the limbs . At first I was shocked thinking the fungi world killed my trees.

My friend however opened my eyes and all of a sudden Turkey mushrooms and others were there to dismantle the old energies so I can bring in new life and a new dream to the land.

I realized then  we humans just like the fungi realm we have similar relationships to each other and we are interconnected through a vast network of energy all over the world.

Today I would like to introduce to you Clarissa Harison , my friend, Star Sister , who I dearly call my Ancient Tree of Knowledge. Her blog reflects all our journeys , struggles and triumphs. Like fungi we can save the world only by connecting heart to heart.

I invite you to explore her latest post and all her writings and if you are close to Buffalo NY maybe you can meet her in person. I heard she is opening her heart and her well of knowledge to the world starting January.

Heart to Heart from mine to yours.

In Love and Light


The sun light feels even brighter in contrast with the longer nights.  I stroll through my back yard embracing every corner and summer memory. My garden is falling asleep under a thick coat of cover crops and  the trees lost most of their leaves allowing for a beautiful view of the the mountain behind .

At the end of September I applied the last set of biodynamic preparations (#500, # 508 , #501) .

Yesterday I sprayed “ The Harmonizing Preparation” .


It is one of the ways I do Ceremony for the land and express my Gratitude for the nurturing, the love and the bounty provided to me and my family.

In the midst of a world in turmoil and change  I am too small and yet I know that if I continue my work and partnership with Nature I do my part for a brighter future .

The Bees work tireless all summer for a generation of brood they will never meet . It is a lesson I absorbed in my core. It gave me strength knowing that every action we take today will bloom later in life or next season or in the lifetime of our grandchildren .

Facing the darkest part of the year it is Gratitude that will keep our dreams alive .

I invite you all to keep this Inner Light alive by writing ten reasons you are grateful for , give thanks to ten people , leave an offering in your garden or in any public park as a token of appreciation for Nature’s support.

The offering can be anything.: a song, a heart felt note, a rock, some bird seeds or just a sip of water.

And just before the evening’s end remember those who crossed over by lighting a candle.

With Gratitude , Light, Love and Peace.


Through the Fields

I had to walk today through the fields. It is a road I travel often by car . Amazing how the perspective changes and details emerge like from a hidden realm. All you see has been a glacier swamp back in the 1800. I do not know the exact date it has been dried to make room to different crops.

This mountains hugging the fields can be seen from my garden and they are the "Dragons" of this land.

The soil is purple black and very fertile. Even with your eyes closed you can feel the lush energy of the Goddess emerging through the onion rows.

At every step I marveled at the beauty laying left and right .For a second I forgot it was going to rain and we are heading towards winter.

My heart sang  Mother Earth 's song.

Wishing everyone a moment of Bliss.

The Good Omen

I was at the laundromat in town this morning when in between the washer and the dryer I went outside for a breath of fresh air. When I looked up I saw this amazing cloud formation with a fire rainbow  timidly forming inside.

In these intense times, approaching a Full Moon and lunar eclipse on  9.16.16 at 3:05 PM EST  the Universe is sending us a sign to strengthen our courage and faith in positive outcomes.

So I am sharing it with you . May this be a Good Omen to all .



Green Manure and Cover Crops

In honey dipped light the grasshoppers and crickets are singing their hearts out (Ble-sssed Bee , Ble -ssed Bee) while my garden is falling asleep through my fingers.

Even with eyes closed I can not ignore the signs anymore. Autumn has taken over the wheel.

I started to clean up even though my tomatoes are still blushing  and this year I am  seeding heavily Field Peas , Oats,  and Buckwheat.

I feel my garden needs some pampering .

For the last six years I have been using them on and off and since I lack livestock this became my way to  nourish back the soil in addition to the biodynamic sprays.

Two years ago I have used Alfalfa  not only for feeding the soil but also to break compaction . (and it makes a yummy addition to salads and tea)

I  have a lot of Red Clover and I encourage it to the point that became weedy. It helps with nitrogen fixation  and  makes a delicious cooling beverage in summer (steep the flowers in hot water and then refrigerate)

Buckwheat comes in handy when you need to suppress weeds . (a wonder plant with so many uses)

The added benefits of using these crops are the extra food they provide to the Bees and other pollinators and erosion protection .

It has to be a win win. My garden taught me gently to give as much as I take.

Curiously it reverberates into everything else as I believe cooperation and love are the way.


A messy Paradise

It has been a while since my last post. So intense my labour and the magical happenings that I couldn't take a moment to write. I will elaborate in the following posts. For now I just want to share with you what gave me sustenance during this past month: My Garden.

Today I was going through some pictures and I stumbled upon how we started our journey in stewarding this piece of land. It is the first time in many years I stopped and took a moment to enjoy the transformation.

Every morning , early , I  start my day watering and playing hide and seek with the squashes. Sleepy Bees  coming in for nectar convinced me not to cut the grass for a while :  Clovers were in full bloom.

The Marjoram lavishly flowered reaching out to the neighboring beds .

Life present everywhere. Looking around me all I can feel is GRATITUDE.

Gratitude for Life, for the Water, for the Sun Light , for the Wind and the Earth.

On my way back to the house I walk slowly through a sea of blooming Plantain (Bees Love it) and stop in my favorite dreaming corner , where years ago we made a stone circle.


IMG_0100 (1)

Here  I sit still for a moment and give my prayers to the Wind , Thanking the Garden for all the beauty surrounding.

And in the heavenly smell of Bee Balm and Mountain Mint I breath in all the Love and start my day.

Hope some of this sweetness will reach your Hearts too.




Star magic and Faerie dust: the sky mirrors itself in the Dandelions blooms.

I am watching in wonder : A Bee in every flower.

Alchemy enfolding right in front of my eyes. 


When I was a child I believed these resilient Jupiter ruled perennials are stars and constellations trapped in the grass.

Little did I knew then how my fascination with  this amazing plant would perpetuate. Dandelion is a staple in biodynamic gardening and farming.

The roots are medicine for the liver and a powerful detox. Leafs can be added to salads or sautéed like spinach.  You can make wine with its blooms, substitute coffee with its roasted roots, and so much more.

It builds soil.

Bees LOVE them.

They are a living lesson in Sacred Geometry.

And blowing its seeds in the wind is the simplest moment of happiness anyone  of any age can experience .

Where they grow it feels like the entire cosmos concentrates in one tiny spot.

"The innocent yellow dandelion! In what ever district it grows, it is the greatest boon...It [BD #506] will give the soil the faculty to attract just as much silicic acid from the atmosphere and from the Cosmos as the plants need, to make them really sentient to all that is at work in their environment. For they of themselves will then attract what they need." -- Rudolf Steiner,  Agriculture, page 99 (Adams translation)


 Dandelions are powerful healers and teachers . Go outside and gaze at their sunny faces.

And celebrate tomorrow's Full Moon , Earth Day and Buddha's Birthday  (next day, on Friday April 22nd) by picking up a seeded Dandelion and making a wish .

Mine is to see a world with more compassion for all living beings and each other.

 Love, Peace and Bliss


All Things Are Connected.Watching the signs.


I woke up this morning to a surreal landscape: Two seasons wanting to exist in the same moment.


I choked looking outside because all the promising flowers will bear no pollen and fruit will be compromised. Bees will look for food (if they survive the bellow freezing temperatures of the next few days ) with no hope for their future.

In the past few weeks the word GMO was constantly in my face. And to add more heaviness to my heart news of a river in China filled with antibiotics and glyphosate present even in the organic wine in California just brought me to the edge of my calm.

But this is not all. My sorrow watching the sky reminds me Geo-engineering is not a joke. And in addition to the chem trails we also add our own emotional pollution.

What is one to do? As always when crisis hits I drum and journey. I go back to my Shamanic roots and find solace in the teachings that brought me here.

As the wind is hauling outside at over 40 mph I washed all fear away. What I hear is : “ Power. Power. Take back your Power. “

In Weather Shamanism (really worth reading) by Nan Moss and David Corbin all things are connected and the lesson is we must bridge our hearts back  to Nature, to the Elements and each other if we want to step into the future.

What if the weather mirrors our collective emotional state ? And what if all this GMO and RoundUp affair shows us the destructive level of disconnect we have reached as humanity?

If i look at the signs and connect the dots I see a pattern that needs change quickly because the canvas is about to unravel.

We are at the edge of our own awakening. We are invited to open our eyes and decide.

Life has to be all inclusive.Everything is Sacred  and it starts with Ourselves.

From the Void

I have lost my words through my footsteps into the garden.

The preferred language in between the Bee Balm, Marjoram , Mints and all else is Silence.

For the last few weeks I have been cleaning  and caressing every blade of Sage , Rue , Lavender ,or Thyme  sticking their heads out of the winter.

I use the debris , wood and grasses to weave a fence at the far end of our property . A slice of left over woodland  we are working to restore . If we had to dig wholes for a wooden fence there  we would destroy the trees on the border.Instead we put up a wire fence and we piled up against it our weaving material. As a bonus for this labor of love we get some nice leaf compost at the bottom every year.

I also like to tuck in Mountain Mint cuttings for extra fragrance on humid days.

The Rabbits and the Foxes love to sneak in and rest. One Fox comes every year around this time to birth her litter in our back yard. They stay with us until the babies are three-four month old.

The reward for hosting them is we get to watch the cubs  running wild over the gardens in total delight.

Our dream is to create a forest like  wedge around our property. It is actually our food forest version of the very popular permaculture  feature. We planted every year  Birches, Persimmons , Hawthorns, Mountain Ashes, Walnuts, Maples , Elderberries, Viburnum  , Pines , Pussy Willows , Serviceberries and Nettle Trees .

And here I will stop and dream :what would it take instead of fences to have borders of espaliers and fruitful hedges? 

This year we are making room for more Serviceberries , Common Witch Hazel , Filberts , Currants and maybe some PawPaws

Almost everything we plant has to feed the Bees first, wildlife and then us.

The trees we choose are part of our allies , protectors and helpful plants community.

And of course I always like to look at the Tree Lore. Since i am learning to live in partnership with the land it makes total sense. I see the house and the garden as an extension of ourselves ; outer layers rooted in our subtle energy layers and helping us live a wholistic life.

I found out when I am drone to a particular tree or plant the meaning , healing powers and lore are a total fit for our situation.

Not coincidentally I am just reading Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics by Dennis Klocek.  A must read for all Earth lovers and gardeners alike, even if you do not practice biodynamic gardening or farming.

We live in times when we must remember how to tread on Earth in such ways that the next seven generations will thrive and take care of their next seven generations.

And it will be possible through reverence for everything surrounding and all our resources . We must bring our hearts in unity with our minds.

Many will say “but I do not have a garden” . Even if you have one potted plant on your windowsill will count. And every choice we make counts.


Today at 12:30 am EST we entered  Spring Equinox.

A day to do less and listen more.

I went through the garden where I burnt sage and listen to the wind for messages.

Nature welcomed me sending a Squirrel, Woodchuck and the Falcon . Bees were looking for water in despite the biting cold.

Thirsty Bees_Fotor

Light and shadow, night and day, grief and hope all facing each other on the threshold.

Brigid and Eostre passing through causing a burst of creativity and flowers to emerge.

From my inner voice a prayer to my garden is rising :

May Your Heart Awaken

                           Awakening mine

                           So I may Grow

                           Green , Lush Ideas

                           Into Prosperous Actions ;

                           So I may weave

                           Strands of Cosmic Inspirations

                           Into a tapestry  of Sacred Work.

                          Awaken your Heart

                          So mine will Flower

                          Into the song of a Blue Bird

                          Allowing me to Bee

                          The Voice and Form

                          Of your Creative Energy .

Wishing you All Happy Spring and Dreams into Reality.


Village in the Sky

Tonight we are going through a wormhole : New moon and total Solar Eclipse.

Plus a super dance between the planets all gathered in Pisces.

I am not an astrologer but as a  biodynamic gardener and earth intuitive I follow closely the map of energies at hand.

The two words that came into my mind today (as I was admiring the Sun Rise ) were Grace and Gratitude.

I feel Grace and Gratitude every time I am outside in the garden or anywhere in Nature.

I experience these feelings when I see , listen to , or read something beautiful , when I encounter kindness and when I make something with my own hands or create anything.

When I wrote my first post I jumped into the vast net of our parallel world The Internet a little bit scared but hopeful I will not sound completely crazy or off the wall.

Then everyday I made another post I gained more wind under my wings and flying seemed  a real possibility.  While flying I met other brave souls , beautiful and all expressing their Joy, their Journeys, all immensely creative and resourceful.

Often when I meet someone who touches my heart I think: I wish we lived in the same village. Because any one would want to live with kindness, compassion, creativity, knowledge, art, food growers, wise ones, magical ones , humorous ones , dream weavers and word smiths.

I would like to introduce to you some people who for the reasons listed above I will call them “ Village in the Sky”.

Ana Maria Theis the author of Christic Codes and a magical being. I met her  in December 2015 at a poetry night in my earthly  village and the synchronicity , beauty and magic keeps unfolding ever since. And we both share ancient roots of which I will write more in a future blog.

Tami Brunk and Cayelin Castell  whose wise teachings taught my heart to listen and hear the night sky and Venus singing.

Sylvia Ismail  who gracefully visited and encouraged me by becoming the first person to follow my blog and who manages to nurture life in her garden in Cairo with knowledge and passion .

Cultivatingtime  who's supporting visits kept me writing.

Justbluedutch who magically appeared and validated my musings inspiring me even more.

Christina, Bec and Kate@BarnHouse whose gardens are out of this world.

Rebecca Treeseed  , a naturalist with a full bag of knowledge and love for her food forest and mountain.

Amie Elna who showed me we must keep our inner child alive and made me wish I could be one of the neighbor's children to play in the wild with her kids.

Lemanshots whose photography is amazing , poetry in digital files.

And many, many others.

For the Village in the Sky where all hearts form a brilliant mosaic of life I raise my Shaman’s Drum and sing to the Sky and Land, offer my Gratitude and call in the Sun, The Moon and the Stars .

May we all  , as a whole, experience Grace today.

May our dreams weave together a magical and love filled life for our families, communities and The World .



Nettle Fotor

I first heard of Nettle as a toddler  when my Grandma used to tell us stories with enchanted Faeries weaving magical garments out of nettle’s fibers. She also used to feed us Nettle soup in Spring and rinsed our hair with a Nettle infusion .

To this day Nettle is one of my favorite companions and teachers. When the first tender leafs appear I collect some and make soup. It is the greatest thing one can do after winter.  This unassuming  plant is rich in minerals and iron.

Late spring I collect more for tea and make some tincture too. Also it makes a great tea for other plants in need . I leave handfuls of nettle in fresh water , covered for few days. It will stink but the result is an amazing picker upper for veggies and flowers alike .

As a biodynamic gardener I use various preparations of nettle for the compost or the Barrel Compost , a mixture of eggshells, cow manure , nettle and crushed basalt , which later I dilute in water and use when I transplant or for young trees , or in any place nurturing is needed.

When I first started to garden seven and a half years ago , my first thought was to invite powerful allies for healing, protection  and soul nourishment.

I grew Nettle from seeds purchased from Turtle Tree Seed . And then every fall and spring I replanted the roots around the perimeter of our back yard and in the center of my veggie garden. It took off spreading fast and healing the  clay dirt beneath.

Rheumatism , anyone? Try some fresh nettle : brush it with your hands or let your knees touch it. The formic acid contained within it is a great cure although it will give some a skin rush. 

At first i thought she could be invasive . Gently she taught me otherwise. All plants do great in her vicinity. Competition into cooperation. This is what I have learned. A Mars influenced plant acts like a true worrier but with a very compassionate heart.

And the fresh leaves make a green dye for natural fibers ,the stems harvested , softened and carded will give a beautiful , strong fiber which can be weaved into a very fine fabric or twisted in a rope.

So next time you meet some in a garden or out in the wild befriend it and honor it for its humbleness and the awesome gifts.

Spring is in the air


Yesterday morning rain and threatening winds chased me inside. Behind close windows I felt hopeless: Winter does not want to leave.

Dreaming away I worked on some projects which needed closure.

Before I knew was 3:00 pm and the sky cleared. In a rush i took off in the garden to check my bees. And SURPRISE :


They were laboring joyfully  flying in leminiscate  patterns around the hive.

She (Andromeda) greeted me by sending two scouts to sit on my hand . I was so happy to see her (I say her because the hive is considered one organism  according to Rudolf Steiner  -“Bees-Lectures by Rudolf Steiner”)

I went closer to see and mainly listen to them , checking for any sign of distress. Couldn’t believe my eyes: they were bringing in pollen .

Exuberant I started to look around for other signs. I felt as if i have missed a week. My Elderberries started to bud and the pussy willows are just about to open up. I think my garden conspired to amaze and cheer me up.

A rush of energy jolted me. Although here we do not start planting until May 15 , I can start cleaning and making new beds .

In anticipation of the Spring Equinox Nature is ready for action.

I love how this event and the solstices are being explained in the Garden Workbook  by Michelle Small Wright , the founder of Perelandra . Soon I will also start spraying the soil with the biodynamic preparations and apply a paste made out of clay, sand and cow manure on trees .

Well , I am fully awake now. Spring is in the air.

Pussy Willows_Fotor