From the Void

I have lost my words through my footsteps into the garden.

The preferred language in between the Bee Balm, Marjoram , Mints and all else is Silence.

For the last few weeks I have been cleaning  and caressing every blade of Sage , Rue , Lavender ,or Thyme  sticking their heads out of the winter.

I use the debris , wood and grasses to weave a fence at the far end of our property . A slice of left over woodland  we are working to restore . If we had to dig wholes for a wooden fence there  we would destroy the trees on the border.Instead we put up a wire fence and we piled up against it our weaving material. As a bonus for this labor of love we get some nice leaf compost at the bottom every year.

I also like to tuck in Mountain Mint cuttings for extra fragrance on humid days.

The Rabbits and the Foxes love to sneak in and rest. One Fox comes every year around this time to birth her litter in our back yard. They stay with us until the babies are three-four month old.

The reward for hosting them is we get to watch the cubs  running wild over the gardens in total delight.

Our dream is to create a forest like  wedge around our property. It is actually our food forest version of the very popular permaculture  feature. We planted every year  Birches, Persimmons , Hawthorns, Mountain Ashes, Walnuts, Maples , Elderberries, Viburnum  , Pines , Pussy Willows , Serviceberries and Nettle Trees .

And here I will stop and dream :what would it take instead of fences to have borders of espaliers and fruitful hedges? 

This year we are making room for more Serviceberries , Common Witch Hazel , Filberts , Currants and maybe some PawPaws

Almost everything we plant has to feed the Bees first, wildlife and then us.

The trees we choose are part of our allies , protectors and helpful plants community.

And of course I always like to look at the Tree Lore. Since i am learning to live in partnership with the land it makes total sense. I see the house and the garden as an extension of ourselves ; outer layers rooted in our subtle energy layers and helping us live a wholistic life.

I found out when I am drone to a particular tree or plant the meaning , healing powers and lore are a total fit for our situation.

Not coincidentally I am just reading Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics by Dennis Klocek.  A must read for all Earth lovers and gardeners alike, even if you do not practice biodynamic gardening or farming.

We live in times when we must remember how to tread on Earth in such ways that the next seven generations will thrive and take care of their next seven generations.

And it will be possible through reverence for everything surrounding and all our resources . We must bring our hearts in unity with our minds.

Many will say “but I do not have a garden” . Even if you have one potted plant on your windowsill will count. And every choice we make counts.