All Things Are Connected.Watching the signs.


I woke up this morning to a surreal landscape: Two seasons wanting to exist in the same moment.


I choked looking outside because all the promising flowers will bear no pollen and fruit will be compromised. Bees will look for food (if they survive the bellow freezing temperatures of the next few days ) with no hope for their future.

In the past few weeks the word GMO was constantly in my face. And to add more heaviness to my heart news of a river in China filled with antibiotics and glyphosate present even in the organic wine in California just brought me to the edge of my calm.

But this is not all. My sorrow watching the sky reminds me Geo-engineering is not a joke. And in addition to the chem trails we also add our own emotional pollution.

What is one to do? As always when crisis hits I drum and journey. I go back to my Shamanic roots and find solace in the teachings that brought me here.

As the wind is hauling outside at over 40 mph I washed all fear away. What I hear is : “ Power. Power. Take back your Power. “

In Weather Shamanism (really worth reading) by Nan Moss and David Corbin all things are connected and the lesson is we must bridge our hearts back  to Nature, to the Elements and each other if we want to step into the future.

What if the weather mirrors our collective emotional state ? And what if all this GMO and RoundUp affair shows us the destructive level of disconnect we have reached as humanity?

If i look at the signs and connect the dots I see a pattern that needs change quickly because the canvas is about to unravel.

We are at the edge of our own awakening. We are invited to open our eyes and decide.

Life has to be all inclusive.Everything is Sacred  and it starts with Ourselves.