Fungi, Friendship and the Tree of Knowledge

When you immerse in Nature wholehearted synchronicity and miracles abound at every step. I also found that the law of resonance is functioning very well causing us to to be attracted to or attract people and circumstances which reflect where and what we are.

Ten years ago I made a friend with the same love for all surrounding and  the same passion to create Sacred Space as I.

Life meandered our lives intersecting lovingly at times and mirroring each others journeys . Ups and downs and more ups dissolved the physical distance and made us grow leaps and bounds .

When my orchard started to die I noticed mushrooms of all sorts invading the roots and the limbs . At first I was shocked thinking the fungi world killed my trees.

My friend however opened my eyes and all of a sudden Turkey mushrooms and others were there to dismantle the old energies so I can bring in new life and a new dream to the land.

I realized then  we humans just like the fungi realm we have similar relationships to each other and we are interconnected through a vast network of energy all over the world.

Today I would like to introduce to you Clarissa Harison , my friend, Star Sister , who I dearly call my Ancient Tree of Knowledge. Her blog reflects all our journeys , struggles and triumphs. Like fungi we can save the world only by connecting heart to heart.

I invite you to explore her latest post and all her writings and if you are close to Buffalo NY maybe you can meet her in person. I heard she is opening her heart and her well of knowledge to the world starting January.

Heart to Heart from mine to yours.

In Love and Light