The Love Gua

Valentine's Day is almost here . Are you ready?

The Love & Marriage Gua sits in the far right corner of the BaGua Map in the Western School of Feng Shui or at South West according to the Compass School. It is governed by the element Earth and pertains to all relationships not just romantic ones. Its trigram is called "Receptive Earth" and the keyword is Receptivity because Earth was associated with the original mother .

The truth is this Gua invites us to discover love of self first. When we Love ourselves we are able and open to give and receive  Love . Yielding, accepting , nourishing , devotion, mutual support , openness , receptivity to creative impulses , creating from seed,ability to make commitments are all attributes of this corner.

The colors associated with "Receptive Earth " are  shades of red, pinks , whites , warm and earth tones.

Since it resonates with number 2 objects in groupings of two are recommended.

Yin objects , photos , art , quotes , affirmations , altars dedicated to love are great enhancers.

When I painted "Love" I used the above elements and the I Ching pattern Tui  ( joy and harmonious exchange between two people who nourish each other ).

The intention was to create not only an enhancer but also a constant reminder of  what relationships mean . The doves and the venus symbol transcend this intention through any cultural barriers. While the Tui pattern would resonate  with someone familiar with the Chinese culture for a westerner the Venus symbol and the doves would evoke the same.

Since every symbol  emits energy even if you do not resonate with one symbol or another the painting is constantly reinforcing the energy created hence energizing and enhancing your space. 


Bread Alive


Since it is cold outside we heat our home burning wood in our beloved ESSE Ironheart. She is a real beauty and my best friend in winter.

While I gaze into the fire I can cook and bake bread simultaneously. Not to mention the magical atmosphere it creates.

Today I made bread . The recipe is simple:

Six cups organic unbleached flower, sea salt to taste ,  half cube fresh brewer's east ,3 cups water , prayer and a heartfelt blessing.

Magically a face appeared in the rising dow can you  see it?

After all today is 12/12 . My day was filled with wonder . And this visitation made it even more so.

Wish I could share this bread with you all.


A Magical Feng Shui Story

Back in May I shared with you  in Messages in a wall and A simple reflection  how trying to replace a window led to a complete clean up of my Helpful People Gua.

Well , after I managed to close the wall I dove straight in the basement (the Past) to replace the window underneath the area affected. This took me a while because here nothing is easy.On the bright side I cleaned the Helpful People (in the Past ) Gua really good and sealed and painted the wall.

I was ready to resume work on the main floor ,only the house wanted me to consider few things: The clean up would extend in the Creativity and Relationships Guas and a new window was to be added in the bathroom( Relationships bordering Creativity). So I needed a plan since the experience with the first one left me exhausted. Now I was looking at replacing two windows and adding a third one.

Because we were going back and forth with the idea of tearing down the whole wallI took some time to meditate.

One morning looking at hiking trails around here I stumbled upon an article about the Lenni Lenapes-TheWolf Clan   which lived in the area I live .I knew about them and being fond of their history always searched for more information.One year I even planted the "Three Sisters " (corn , squash and beans) in their honor.

For one thing ,The Wolf is very dear to me. It has appeared many times in my life and it was revered in my ancestry as a sacred animal. The Dacians (my ancestors ) had a Wolf flag . The picture bellow is a beautiful detail of how the flag looked like . It was used to protect a space, often mounted on gates or at each corner of land boundaries and in battle was carried as a pole flag by brave riders to intimidate the enemy.


The article signaled their presence in my multidimensional world and I started to listen to my heart rather then my logical side.

I felt as if changing the basement windowopened a benevolent portal through which I could communicate with the Ancestors of the land ( The Lenni Lenape)

Every morning I thanked them for their presence ( which I felt strongly) asking for guidance and protection.

Within few daysI started to scan the local newspaper for carpenters. I needed someone who would help me and accept  that I was working with them literally.

After few disappointing interviews  I took the newspaper again and  this time I allowed my intuition to completely take over. That afternoon the gentleman came in time wearing a T-shirt with a beautiful printed Wolf . I knew it was a sign. And after few words I had a lot of confidence everything was going to be ok.

Since we were approaching 4th of July we made arrangements to start working on July 15.

On 4th of July  my husband and I peacefully went hiking being grateful for finally finding a person we could rely on. On the trail we met a couple who felt so familiar and close. In our conversation the article I have read was brought up again . This time the woman mentioned it and I smiled with my whole soul knowing it was a confirmationof our tangent worlds.

On July 15th we opened the rest of the wall , replaced the plate because the termite damage was extended and carefully framed and installed the new windows .

The energy shifted powerfully whenwe wrapped the wall inTyvek. In that moment Everything felt crispy clean and strong. New windows ( eyes into our homes soul) allowed us to look into the world with new confidence and clarity. And the world could look at us with perhaps more kindness.

Not as a surprise while all this was going on I met by chance a new friend , an amazing artist who helped  us tie some loose ends, put the lath and the scratch coat ( cement at the bottom and lime on top).  He also mended the two surfaces with lath and the scratch coat . That was a big push for me. The following days I worked ten hours straight for each lime coat  ( two coats) and about four hours to apply the lime paint. The lime shifted the energy further. I hope the pictures speak for themselves .


You probably understand my silence now. It was a lot to integrate alone , never mind trying to tell a story about it.

As I write this I am contemplating the changesand feel refreshed and strengthened by the Light flowingin sweetly and the hopeful new connections we have made.

Sometimes life is showing us a non linear path of resolving our reality. If we have the courage to follow it we can find ourselves in a magical world of possibilities and miracles at every turn.

Inspiration Update

The Grass is growing. I planted Moss, Creeping Thyme , Russian Sage , Bird's Nest Spruce and have been tending them everyday for the last month. It has been very warm and dry . It looks like they are going to make it.

Next year I will look into more Alpine plants . For now I am just trying to get a sense of how does it want to look like.



Last September we went hiking at Peter’s Kill in Minewaska State Park ( NY) and I felt in love with Nature’s esthetic and ingenious way against erosion. Trees were wrapping their roots around massive rocks allowing smaller plants to spread in between and hold the dirt.


A mixture of moss and pebbles of all sizes were creating a mosaic of whimsical patterns .

I came back that day wishing I could bring the mountain and all the Faeries home with me.

For about nine and a half month I kept sketching the front of our home constantly referring to the hiking memory.

We found a very talented landscaper and stone mason who captured my wish in a blink and made a dream come true.(

Now all we have to do is add moss and some plants.

IMG_0072There is nothing like using natural materials. The stone power speaks for itself.


A simple reflection

Since my last post it took a lot of will power and discipline to get through my work.

The day I replaced the rotten plate in my wall I was alone , with no one to ask for HELP and rain was approaching.

My hands were tired and the stress to close up the wall was high. I thought of what a loving community means in someone’s life . Nourishment is not just food but also helping each other , caring for each other. Except for my immediate family I have none of that in the village I live in.

The Termite medicine was showing me in reverse their wisdom.

Being a seed trusted to a foreign land I made friends with  Nature and its wild creatures but not with my fellow humans. A lot to ponder here.


I find it so interesting how my home nudges me to expand and evolve my heart and consciousness through  the practical experiences at hand.

My days are pretty much chop wood, carry water and send prayers into the wind.

My Garden is enfolding into its magic and if I could have more day light in a day to work , I would.

Are you surrounded by a loving , supporting community?

In the lack of, I made my version of the prayer flags to remind me support and love is everywhere in the Universe and the same elements scattered around me are within me .

Hence I am one with All .

FullSizeRender (2)

Hope this post will inspire you to be kind to everyone including yourself.

Messages in a wall

It is raining again. Only today,since it is May 1st, it feels special as if the Water is meant to sooth and heal. In the background I hear OM DHARA chanted by Deva Premal.

"OM DHARA om dhara dharayei namaha om dharayei namaha om bhu devyei namaha

Om and salutations to Divine Mother who is the support of the earth.

Om and salutations to Divine Mother who is the Earth. Honouring Mother Earth as the goddess she is"

I have been planting trees and working in the gardens in parallel with working on the house.

Interestingly I am tearing down a wall in the Helpful People and Travel Gua to replace a window.

And all would have been very easy if right on the day Mercury went retrograde I  did not find some old termite damage that has been just buried under drywall .

So now I will have to clean out and replace the wood plate. Lucky me it is not a load bearing wall.

Sometimes detours are blessings in disguise. I see all this as a metaphor : Cleaning out hidden obstacles for allowing authentic , loving and unconditional support into my life to build our dream Faerie Home . And it looks like my findings remind me of some important parts in my work.( check out Termite Totem )

As usual when I create chaos in my home I feel it at cellular level. The bees  the gardens and my husband's hugs pull me through .

My plans are changing a bit. It is the house talking to me again , showing me the weaknesses the ugly and the hurt so I can bring in more Light, Healing and Hope.

At every step I found a lesson. Our home gives me a trail of wisdom crumbs to ponder for the journey.

The moral ? Tread lightly as there is a hidden meaning at every turn you take.

Uplift your space

Feeling pressed by winter blues ? Too cold to open the windows for few moments of refreshment ?  Well, you are not alone . I woke up this morning and temperatures dropped in their teens. Only the sun shining brightly on the cerulean sky encouraged me dare going downstairs to make a fire . While sipping some tea I made a brief list of things to do and then I realized I could use some uplift in my home . My eyes rolled to the oranges on my table.

It is well known in Feng Shui and aromatherapy oranges are energizers . Of course you can toss few drops of  orange essential oil in a bowl of fresh water or even pinch the peels so they release it in the air .

But why not considering a small ceremony ? So I started to prepare . I peeled one orange being grateful for its sweetness and for having it in my kitchen .

Then I picked up my cookie cutters  and selected some hearts and stars . I use a wooden spoon to press them down into the zesty flesh . While doing this gather your thoughts and reflect what the shapes you choose mean to you . To me hearts connect me to the energy of Love and Gratitude while stars bring me closer to Heaven .

Now take the cuttings and hold them in your hands  walking around your home (you can take it one step further and visit each Gua ) sensing where the uplift is needed . Place them in a bowl  ( do not put them directly on the surface of your furniture) along with your intentions and smell the aroma . Do you sense the shift ?

orange in a bowl_Fotor

When they dry toss them in the compost or on hot charcoal for more aromatic delight .

You can also string them while fresh  or mix them with rose petals and frankincense nuggets for a long lasting potpourri .

                                              Enjoy Your Day .

Thresholds of Awareness

One of my greatest gifts is to see the highest  potential in people and places.

When I walk through a space the first five minutes gives me a vision of what the place dreams to become.

Same thing has happened with our home. In despite of the sad appearance I saw a loving and beautiful space, embraced by the Nature surrounding .




We moved in and contrary to our plans we had to start with the roof . It gave me an opportunity to adjust the energy using the geometry of the arch by creating an oversized eyebrow over a tiny dormer.

I built the wall in three parts like a puzzle, laminating 3/4”plywood and using the framing of the old dormer.

building thje eyebrow

Why an arch?

Well, for two reasons.

One is  Nature has no sharp turns. Rivers meander,valleys and mountains and free form Honey Bee combs are almost parabolic .

Second is  an arch elevates the energy and brings in spiritual qualities to harmonize and balance. The eyebrow generated vaulted ceilings inside giving a new height and frequency to a space meant for rest and dreaming. More about it perhaps in another post.


Interestingly enough on one of my garden walks, few years later after we moved in , I did an automatic drawing inquiring about the patterns of the existing energies.

I think the picture speaks for itself.

earth transmition 4_Fotor_Fotor_Collage.jpg

The land holds an energetic pattern which in its pure form is like a map to wholeness. Often times these patterns are disturbed or distorted by Electro Magnetic Fields, corrupted Lay Lines , our actions and our emotions.

Hence our adventure in renovating our home  became a journey through thresholds of awareness :

1   Remembrance

We are called to places where lessons unfold so we can grow and heal.

We think we arrived to heal the place to humbly realize the place heals us. Only then we can hear its voice and bring its creative energy in manifestation.

We start remembering who we are as we peel  the layers of the place and ours towards the One and Only Light.

2. Forgiveness

Healing of the land comes two fold.

Ancestral Karma is being released off the land and also in our personal story. We learn from a point of observance to read the fine print of the story by releasing judgement.

“it brought the best of us “ my husband said. And it is so indeed because we forgave.

3. Unity

We fall apart and we come together in oneness. We are one with ALL.

4. Grounding

Living in a home during construction work is challenging .We survive the chaos through contemplation and connecting to the Earth.  Our example is the mountain behind our property.It taught us patience, being present, strength, perseverance.

5. Gratitude

Finding delight and appreciation in every little thing or circumstance opened our hearts and minds to infinite possibilities.

6. Co creating with the Divine

Learning how to step aside from our ego and draw the creative impulses while holding space for “This or something Greater” with the future in our hearts.

7. Transcending old patterns

This is our seventh year into creating Sanctuary.

It has been a summer of less doing and more reflecting on our achievements  integration and releasing.

We are transcending the old patterns of irritation and the land mirrors us showing is ready to embrace the new Light geometries.

.All is well .

My inspiration came from an incredible burning desire to create a sustainable living off the grid.  So I started to search different ways to integrate natural building into an existing  1932 ’s structure.

In parallel the pear trees we found as remnants of an old fungus contaminated orchard prompted us to look into Biodynamic farming and Permaculture.

Healing started to unfold . My drawing board was not limited to the structure anymore.It simply bloomed into the garden, naturally .

When the Bees arrived was an exuberant moment and a true demonstration of the word “COEXIST”.

Since that day what others consider weeds (Thistles, Burdock, and Motherwort just as few examples) became an oasis of feeding frenzy not just for the Honey Bees but all the other pollinators.

BeeHappy on Motherwort2_Fotor

I measure the health of the land by the number of insects and creatures finding shelter and food on it.


As I am writing this I reflect back into the last seven years and all the lessons . Today we honor the old Pear trees making  room for a healthier small orchard in the future.  Letting go of the old brings in opportunity for renewal.

Also we are almost half way with the renovations.

It felt as if our home wanted to secure the future (upper level)  first, consolidated its core (we lined the chimney and created the space for an wood stove which pushed us to consolidate few beams in the basement and rebuild the stairs.

We closed the porch and build a new foundation underneath it.The arch theme reverberates into the present opening harmoniously our Career Gua  (in Feng Shui the dwelling divides in nine zones called Gua) and symbolically the work we Love to do.

IMG_0090IMG_0181front door_Fotor

A beautiful  new door (by Adirondack Naturals adorns and guards our home blessing equally inhabitants, visitors and passers by.

It is a  tiny home and the idea was from the very beginning not to extend its footing but improve the space within . We are living in times when we must ponder what we should take from Nature for our dwellings considering how fragile life is.

Our footprint here is about partnership with the land, beautification as an act of reverence and pouring love in a place we call home hoping it will reverberate out into the world.

What is your footprint?

If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

- Chinese Proverb