Uplift your space

Feeling pressed by winter blues ? Too cold to open the windows for few moments of refreshment ?  Well, you are not alone . I woke up this morning and temperatures dropped in their teens. Only the sun shining brightly on the cerulean sky encouraged me dare going downstairs to make a fire . While sipping some tea I made a brief list of things to do and then I realized I could use some uplift in my home . My eyes rolled to the oranges on my table.

It is well known in Feng Shui and aromatherapy oranges are energizers . Of course you can toss few drops of  orange essential oil in a bowl of fresh water or even pinch the peels so they release it in the air .

But why not considering a small ceremony ? So I started to prepare . I peeled one orange being grateful for its sweetness and for having it in my kitchen .

Then I picked up my cookie cutters  and selected some hearts and stars . I use a wooden spoon to press them down into the zesty flesh . While doing this gather your thoughts and reflect what the shapes you choose mean to you . To me hearts connect me to the energy of Love and Gratitude while stars bring me closer to Heaven .

Now take the cuttings and hold them in your hands  walking around your home (you can take it one step further and visit each Gua ) sensing where the uplift is needed . Place them in a bowl  ( do not put them directly on the surface of your furniture) along with your intentions and smell the aroma . Do you sense the shift ?

orange in a bowl_Fotor

When they dry toss them in the compost or on hot charcoal for more aromatic delight .

You can also string them while fresh  or mix them with rose petals and frankincense nuggets for a long lasting potpourri .

                                              Enjoy Your Day .