The Love Gua

Valentine's Day is almost here . Are you ready?

The Love & Marriage Gua sits in the far right corner of the BaGua Map in the Western School of Feng Shui or at South West according to the Compass School. It is governed by the element Earth and pertains to all relationships not just romantic ones. Its trigram is called "Receptive Earth" and the keyword is Receptivity because Earth was associated with the original mother .

The truth is this Gua invites us to discover love of self first. When we Love ourselves we are able and open to give and receive  Love . Yielding, accepting , nourishing , devotion, mutual support , openness , receptivity to creative impulses , creating from seed,ability to make commitments are all attributes of this corner.

The colors associated with "Receptive Earth " are  shades of red, pinks , whites , warm and earth tones.

Since it resonates with number 2 objects in groupings of two are recommended.

Yin objects , photos , art , quotes , affirmations , altars dedicated to love are great enhancers.

When I painted "Love" I used the above elements and the I Ching pattern Tui  ( joy and harmonious exchange between two people who nourish each other ).

The intention was to create not only an enhancer but also a constant reminder of  what relationships mean . The doves and the venus symbol transcend this intention through any cultural barriers. While the Tui pattern would resonate  with someone familiar with the Chinese culture for a westerner the Venus symbol and the doves would evoke the same.

Since every symbol  emits energy even if you do not resonate with one symbol or another the painting is constantly reinforcing the energy created hence energizing and enhancing your space.