The stories in the clay

I mix my clay plaster batches chanting and blessing the materials . In gratitude for its wisdom and loving energy I drop some essential oils. The bonus is that these essential oils will also act as mold inhibitors. Applying the plaster is an act of love . Not just towards the bones of our home but also towards our ancestors. What is clay ? I pondered this question many times while plastering . The answer is revealed when it starts to dry. What once were people , trees and animals became clay. Water brings its life once more into expression. The picture speaks for itself .

I chose clay plaster for its beauty, for how it softens the walls and also for its electromagnetic shielding qualities , insulation, for its power to regulate moisture and absorb smells .

The recipe is simple : 2 parts sand , 1 part soaked clay (Kaolin) , 1 part flower paste. The process of applying it it is meditative and magical. 

While waiting between coats you can read stories from different times appearing and vanishing right in front of you , on the walls.

It is pure magic.