When Your Heart/Art Meets The Gardens

On the threshold of a New Moon in Cancer I was strolling along the path in my garden when my eyes stopped at the ninety degree turn of our fence. A baby Garter Snake was gazing at me bringing out some messages of transformation, creativity, and shedding limitations.

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As I was gazing back at him I realised I was standing in the creativity area of the garden .

A few minutes later I was looking on the internet to identify the snake when I got an email about my website being born into the world . www.ethericdesigns.com

The joy of synchronicity made my heart smile . So I was to expect a ninety degree turn in my creativity through transformation .

I have been dreaming for my website Etheric Designs for a very long time. And today is manifesting into reality creating new opportunities to express and joyfully share my work.

When we first moved into our home seven years ago all we wanted was to spend time in the garden and the more we have been in the garden we wanted the garden inside .

Nature opened my designer heart into a whole new world: Natural Building/Cob Houses ,Beekeeping, Biodynamic Gardening, Permaculture. It taught me that every place has a creative force waiting to be manifested. And one of our tasks here on Earth is to bring that into the world .

After all , the lessons I have learned from the Bees were sinking deep on my drawing board and paired with my Feng Shui studies turned the page of my imagination into a new passion : Creating a Sanctuary for our Soul .

I wanted to create something that would allow me to walk my talk and inspire others in the process .

A house becomes a home when it is aligned with our dreams and becomes a source of physical, emotional and spiritual strength and support .

In many cultures the home is built as the point of intersection between heaven and earth. Not only did the ancient builders consider both orientation and geomantic placement but they did so with reverence for the Earth and the next generations .

We turned away from the seemingly practical, fast paced methods into a slower process and we took time to evaluate how we communicate with the space, what materials we use and the overall theme .

We replaced the old blown in insulation with the more environmentally friendly denim and mineral batts . On the outside, Natural Lime is slowly replacing the vinyl siding.

In the interior, I could only build some areas with cob but I extended the benefit of clay onto the other walls by applying clay plasters and clay paint made by me from scratch.

The floors were replaced by wide boards of pine treated with a natural vegetal oil .

When the oil-fueled furnace broke down, we replaced it with a wise wood stove which enables us to cook, bake and gaze into the fire while we are working on a hydraulic heating system powered by the sun .

We have been on this journey for a very long time completing the design as our Home nudges us in the right direction .

In the meantime the garden keeps teaching us, reinforcing our view and desire to step fully into a sustainable way of living .

Stop by from time to time and see the progress, get insights and dream with us .

My true happiness lies in the knowing that something I create, discover or learn could open a new perception and courage for someone else to seek different ways to co create with Nature .