To me the home , the garden and the inhabitants are all one organism. I borrowed from the Biodynamic gardening teachings the idea of being part of a greater whole and integrated it in my work as a designer. When I create furniture I imagine it first within the context of space / the home, when I am in the garden I am mindful of my interconnection with every plant,rock and tree, being conscious that my actions are felt in the most outer worlds and the other way around. When I look at a home from a Feng Shui perspective I see the home and its energy web interconnecting and extending with its owner's.

I have learned to walk the edge between realms to bring into the world the most desired creative expression of a place.

To create Sacred Space is an art. It involves Design, Sacred Geometry, knowledge of natural building materials and techniques, Feng Shui, the keen senses of a Shaman , Intention and Ceremony .


The Ba Gua Map


Designing a home starts with assessing its energetic blueprint. Form follows function and energy follows form.

The Power Of Stone

Design & Natural Building

A healthy home starts with the choice of building materials and the Design.

Geometry, color and sound have frequency , which used wisely can enhance a living space. In the same manor natural materials bring an uplifting and authentic feel to an environment.

Gratitude Altar

Creating Sanctuary

A home becomes a sanctuary when living with Intention and recognizing the Sacred in All Things is the norm.

Reiki is a way of being , a reminder of our light, oneness and wholeness .

Practicing Reiki is creating sacred space.

I infuse with Reiki everything I create and also share it with animals and people.

ReiKi is universal life force energy , known to bring relaxation , harmonizes the energy flow through the chakras , calms the mind , soothes the body and opens up the soul. It is used equally for humans , the animal kingdom and environments .