A Home is a Sanctuary for our soul. A place where we regenerate, replenish and nurture our dreams.

I Design OBJECTS AND environments to Uplift and Raise your Consciousness , while being a Reiki conduit


The world is changing, the Planet is awakening . We must reconsider how we view our relationship with Nature , each other and perhaps remember how we are all interconnected . 

Take a look around you, at your environment. Is it inspiring , healthy , meaningful? Is it a Sanctuary to your soul? Does it reflect your true values and how you stand in the world? Are your animal companions happy and healthy? Are you at peace , happy and healthy?

Everything in our universe is about frequency. Our thoughts, emotions, words and actions create realities which either lower or uplift the energy in our environment.

The same effect is produced by our aesthetic choices , what we eat , how we build our homes , how much we allow Nature and the Divine into our lives , how much we co create with Nature and at what extend we go against it.

We must for once recognize ourselves as part of a greater whole, a living system , a multidimensional universe . The Lay lines of the Earth , its Electro Magnetic Grid , the Water veins , Minerals , Geology , the Galaxy , the Stars and the Celestial Bodies , all that is creates a living pulse which we harbor with every heart beat . Hence our Homes become our touchdown points for our own Divinity to manifest.

Enjoy browsing here , be patient as I spread my wings , get inspired and Thank You for visiting.